Help us help Joey

Oakland, N.J., September 16, 2015 – Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc, rescued an extremely sick dog and is hoping you can help.


Joey was found wandering as a stray on the inner city streets of a very tough neighborhood. When Joey came to us he was in horrible shape and anxious for any assistance we could offer. He was so emaciated that you could see every bone in his little body and he was starving and dehydrated. His coat was filthy and Joey had sores on his paws, which made it painful for him to walk. He also had sores on his body as well. As if this weren’t enough Joey’s legs’ had a very splayed appearance, as if he was walking on his elbows. This occurs when a dog has been crated his entire life, most likely in a small crate he could barely turnaround in. We believe Joey is one or two years old. Despite his condition, his personality is so loving and so sweet.

The loving care he received at RBARI seemed to work. In just a few weeks he put on 15 lbs. and his legs started to look normal as he got regular exercise. We started him in dog playgroups and he became a social butterfly loving his new – found puppyhood that he so cruelly missed out on. Then one morning he didn’t want to go for his normal walk. He just lay in his bed and refused the opportunity. We soon realized there was something very wrong and rushed him to the hospital. Joey was at the hospital for almost a week while Doctors ran test after test, including MRI’s, X-rays, drawing spinal fluid, etc. The doctors have told us Joey has an auto – immune disease, which leaves his immune system extremely compromised. As a result he contracted Meningitis. He also has Myositis, which is extreme muscle inflammation causing severe pain. This occurs when a dog has an auto -immune disease and the immune system decides to attack the muscles for no reason. We can’t begin to imagine how painful this must be for Joey, but dogs are incredibly amazing in their resilience and Joey is no different!

Thankfully Joey responded to treatment in the hospital and was released back to RBARI’s care. He has endured so much in his young life, from abuse to medical issues, but all he wants to do is love. To see him is truly amazing. He is one of the most friendly and loveable dogs you could ever meet. We at RBARI will continue to support his progress and will help him find a loving home once he is ready to. We ask you to please help us continue to help Joey. It is only because of your support that we have been able to help him thus far and give him the chance to find a forever home. RBARI does not receive any local, county, state of federal funding and relies on support from our donors to continue to save lives like Joey’s.

If you would like to help Joey on his journey to recovery, you can do so with a donation to our Betty Lou Fund by contributing through the donation link and mark your donation “Betty Lou Fund”. It is due to your generous donations RBARI is able to give Joey and others like him a chance. Please help us save more lives!
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