LTE: Are we better off now than four years ago?

Are we better off now than four years ago?

lettertotheeditorWith another election upon us, I think elected officials and their constituents, are best served by considering the official’s entire body of work and not just a singular issue. In considering whom to cast their vote for the Mayor of Oakland, I propose voters pose themselves the question: Is Oakland a better town than it was four years ago?

Linda Schwager has shown she can administer the office of Mayor, and has worked effectively with the governing body and the many components of our town’s government to implement many great improvements in Oakland. Additionally, she has appointed people with diverse opinions (Abraham Lincoln appointed Democrats to his cabinet) who have accomplished much through the various groups that they either lead or participate in such as Public Events, Environmental Commission, Great Oak Park, Recreation Commission, to name a few. Only she can take credit for these appointments.

Linda Schwager not only supports the volunteer experience, she demonstrates leadership by actively participating. As a volunteer in this town, I have never been more proud to serve it, given the example, support, and gratitude expressed by our Mayor to all those who give their time to make Oakland a better place to live.

Linda Schwager has clearly demonstrated that she possesses the experience, knowledge, people skills and dedication to make Oakland better. She has certainly earned the opportunity to continue to do so.

Are we better off now? In my mind, the answer is a resounding “Absolutely Yes!”.

Jim Folkerts