The Powerful Word: DISCIPLINE

This month, Rising Phoenix will focus on the Powerful Word: DISCIPLINE.

disciplineDiscipline is crucial to helping children and adults thrive and become their best. Disciplined people train themselves to follow values-based rules that are enforced by themselves in a consistent manner. Whether these self-imposed rules are related to exercise, work, sleep, or other areas of life, disciplined people do what needs to get done, when it needs to be completed.

To simplify the concept for young children, discipline, means “work before play.” We discipline ourselves to get to our activities on time instead of watching TV, complete our homework before playing a game, or go to sleep instead of staying up past our bedtime. Discipline shows respect for ourselves and our goals and also shows respect for others who are relaying on us to make the right choice.

A brand new study in the Journal of Consumer Research shows how aspects of personal pride can reinforce discipline or derail us, depending on timing. Researchers found that when people took pride in accomplishing their goal and attributed their success to being disciplined and responsible, they were more likely to continue making disciplined choices throughout the day.
However, when people looked at their progress before noting pride in their discipline, they were more liekly to indulge in rewards that could veer them off-course.

What does this mean? When your children find success in a discipline-based goal, be sure to help them connect their focus, responsibility and self-control to their outcome!

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help foster discipline in your children’s lives or your own, give us a call or e-mail us.
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