A Valentine for Veterans

Dear Veteran,

First of all, Happy Valentine’s day and I hope your day is full of appreciation and love. There is no explaining the courage and patriotism you have. The way you sacrificed so much, and knowing you could sacrifice even more, it was important to protect your county. That is one of the best characteristics you could have.

The effect you bring on people is so moving, The way you do your job motivates them thinking the sky’s the limit. The inspiration you give people is a true gift. It may be hard to realize, but you are the people who protect our country, bring our country peace, and keep us all in harmony. You truly make a difference that will live forever in our country, the gift of your strong, courageous, brave actions.

The impact you make on this country is amazing. You were brave enough for doing what you knew what was best, even while risking many things as you joined the Armed Forces. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t go out to war. The thing that matters is, how you were courageous enough to go out to war, if you had to. Now, that is true respect and patriotism. The gratitude coming from our country should comfort you, and let you know we have strong respect for your actions. So, because of you, our flag still stands high. Through the tough times, and the easier times, you should know, you made a lasting impact on our country, for just joining the Armed Forces.

With strong respect,

Mikey McCormick, Grade 5


This letter was written for a 5th Grade project called Valentine’s for Veterans. The letters will be delivered to the Oakland American Legion this Valentine’s Day. Thank you to all who have served.