Pit bull Puppy Survives a 5-story fall

Pit bull Puppy Survives a 5-story fall
Four Amazing Dog Stories of Hope & Recovery

Oakland, NJ, A seven-month-old female pit bull jumped off the roof of a 5-story building in Bayonne this past week and amazingly survived. The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc. (RBARI) got the call and immediately sprung to action, rushing Lexi to Oradell Animal Hospital. Lexi couldn’t walk, was in incredible pain and having trouble breathing, but she remained sweet and loving.

Lexi lived through the trauma, but she has been left with extensive medical needs. From the impact of the fall, Lexi had pneumothorax, which means that she had air gathered in her chest and had difficulty breathing from impact of fall. Doctors tapped her chest to remove the air, and she is being closely monitored to see if the air returns. Lexi’s tibia is broken, and her elbow is luxated. Doctors must wait for the swelling to go down to try to put her elbow back in place. Lexi remains hospitalized and is being kept comfortable on pain medication. Her leg is splinted while she awaits her orthopedist consult. She is still unable to stand on her own, but her spirit is strong.

Lexi is looking at two orthopedic procedures in an effort to save her legs and allow her to walk again. RBARI needs your help to save Lexi and so many other seriously injured dogs that we rescue through our special needs rescue efforts. We simply could not continue to rescue dogs like Lexi without your generosity and support. Coco, Mary and Hannah are three more inspirational dogs that RBARI saved within the past month.

Coco, a tiny yorkie, was rescued with a broken jaw, injured leg and internal injuries. When we heard of this sweet broken boy in such obvious need, our answer was yes without hesitation. But, when we received news on the full scope of Coco’s injuries, we realized what a difficult path Coco had ahead of him. But, Coco – through all of the pain – had such an incredible will to live. Coco had emergency surgery on his intestines, and the next day, he went in for surgery on his jaw and had an external fixation device put in place to ensure that his jaw would heal properly. Despite concerns of needing a feeding tube, Coco blew us all away and began eating on his own (with a very healthy appetite!). Today, Coco is living the life within the comforts of his wonderful foster home. Coco is playful, sweet and cooperative despite all of the medications and medical care needed. He is housetrained and loves other dogs – the perfect little companion!

Mary was rescued from a local animal control facility a few weeks ago. She is a stunning six-year-old cane corso. Mary had a slight limp, and when she was examined by our veterinarian, they found out that her foot was broken! Mary was so stoic about the pain and just yearning for love. It broke our hearts that sweet Mary had been walking around with a painful broken foot for an unknown period of time. Mary is now staying at RBARI getting the care she needs, including regular splint changes. While she is thriving with the love she receives from volunteers and staff, what Mary really needs is a foster / forever home.

Only a week ago, our hearts broke for Hannah, a beautiful 7-month old puppy who was hit by a car, then turned in to a busy inner city animal control facility. Hannah needed extensive orthopedic surgeries on her femur and pelvis, both necessitating metal plates. Her pelvis was also fractured. Despite her pain, Hannah kisses everyone and yearns for comforting arms to nestle into. Hannah is currently at RBARI on crate rest receiving daily physical therapy and slowly recovering. She is a typical sweet, friendly puppy who is dying to play. Hannah gets her daily exercises and snuggles at RBARI – but she can’t wait to find a home of her own.

Lexi, Coco, Mary and Hannah were all rescued this past month at RBARI. What is truly inspiring is their will to live and incredible spirits despite the difficult circumstances that brought them to RBARI. We couldn’t do any of this without the support of our RBARI community who see hope in these beautiful animals and support their care and recovery. Every dollar donated to the special needs cases comes together to save another life.

Lexi’s story is still unfolding. As the swelling goes down and time passes, doctors will determine how to best fix her broken legs so that Lexi has the best chance of a long, happy life. Please visit https://rbari.org/how-to-help /donate/ to make a donation to help give Lexi and her friends that chance. You can also mail a check to RBARI, 2 Shelter Lane, Oakland, NJ 07436.

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