Animal Prowling Raise Impact Lessons For Occupying Our Land

aprilbaboonThe work at Great Oak Park is paying off big time for the environment. Not only are the trees, plants and bees making a come back, but so are the animals. Some animals that haven’t been seen in decades are now being noticed; but then again the park was closed to people for decades so its possible they’ve always been here just no one has seen them.

The Park Committee has been consulting with Tommy Stubbins and Matthew Mugg who have worked with a famous English animal doctor. These two animal experts have been helping identify characteristics and behaviors of our new animals. It is an amazing ecosystem that has developed at Great Oak Park.

aprilmongooseAs an example there have been reports of people walking into the cute cuddly slithering reptiles going about their business. At quiet times you can hear these animals munching on fresh catches near the river. Every year the Ramapo is stocked with fresh fish; this feed may not be for the humans only. All our critters are free to enjoy a snack of fresh trout.

Furry animals have been seen on and around the white oak tree. With the tree now cleaned around its trunk and the dead branches removed, wild life can find it to be a nice habitat to roam, lurk and possibly watch us humans when we least expect it. Feel free to feed the tree animals, if you happen to see them before they see you. As they say, a happy wild animal is a full wild animal.

There have also been signs of animals competing with each other for territory. As the animals grow in numbers so will the competition for food, shelter and habitat. This is part of the natural selection process and is normal when the environment begins to flourish. Battles between animals shouldn’t be an issue for humans, but it will be fun to sit back and see which species win these battles; just don’t get to close to the action.

aprildeerThere have also been reports of a different type of deer found in the park; people have called them “carnivore deer” or “vampire doe”. Carnivore deer are not known to be part of the Oakland landscape, but with the animals flourishing at Great Oak Park, one may think anything is possible. I wouldn’t expect these deer to be a threat to other wild life, but then again, you never know.

Going forward, feel free to visit the park and don’t be concerned with tree-dangling-fish-eating-snakes, white oak baboons or mongoose vs snake fights. Instead remember the day that this article came out and it should help put your mind at ease. And Google Mr. Stubbins’ and Mr. Mugg’s resumes, it should help you to understand what this article is trying to relate. Or if you still haven’t gotten it, Happy April Fools Day!