risingphoenixcourageCourage is not the absence of fear, as many children might think. Rather, courage is how we cope with fears in the face of challenges. As parents and mentors, it’s important that we let children know that everyone gets scared sometimes. For many of the students  at Rising Phoenix Martial Arts & Fitness, it can come as a surprise that their instructors feel fear sometimes. However, we teach our students that it is because we did not let the fear get the best of us that we have become successful Black Belts and members of our community.

Of course, there are reasons why we get scared. Some of those reasons are protective. In other words, we’re scared because fear can keep us safe. Our ‘gut instincts’ often tell us when something doesn’t quite feel right. This is important and good. However, if we let that fear paralyze us and prevent us from taking action, this positive aspect of fear quickly becomes a negative.

Other times, fear emerges from our imagination. We worry about what might happen-even if it is very unlikely that our fear will come true. It is important for us to teach and guide children, and sometimes adults, in the steps that can help to put our imaginative fears into perspective.

Courage is important because it can help us to venture out of our “comfort zone”. For some, Courage is necessary when meeting new people or trying new activities. Other people need Courage when trying new foods or spending time away from home. Courage helps us to face our fears and “stretch us” so that we can experience more of what life has to offer.
In May of last year, Harvard Business Review discussed four characteristics of leaders that can help create a strong team. They are:

1. Acts of humility
2. Empowering followers to learn
3. Acts of COURAGE
4. Holding people accountable

Harvard Business Review went on to say that especially when leaders took Courageous risks for the greater good, it was important for the team. We want to teach our children how to be Courageous both for their own development as well as so they may help others by their example.

If you’d like to learn more about how Rising Phoenix can help foster COURAGE in your children’s lives or your own, give us a call or e-mail us.

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