LTE: Commuter Parking at the Rec Field? Mayor Schwager says No 2

Dear Editor:

lettertotheeditorAs you are aware I have been actively working on the issue of commuter parking, looking for alternative locations, speaking with the owner of the Coppertree Mall, communicating with the residents who commute, and discussing this serious problem with our Borough professionals and councilpersons.

I thank my opponent for offering his suggestion to resolve the commuter parking problem. However, I would never support his recommendation of transferring the commuter parking to the recreation complex.

Commuter parking in the recreation complex would create a dangerous situation for children, adults and motorists. Children and parents walking to the Valley Middle School would be caught in a hazardous situation. Motorists would be competing with the road to either park, drop off their children or simply cut through the back roads to River Road.

Everyone would be sharing the same paths, sidewalks and roadways. The proposal would also create a large increase in traffic on River Road and Lawlor Drive especially during the morning and evening rush while practices or after school recreation activities are in session. Indian Hills High School uses our fields for some of their activities, too.

What about during the summer? How could we ever accommodate drop off and pick up during the summer camp program? During the day, where would parents and adults park while enjoying the playground facilities with young children. Additionally, we cannot forget the adult activities of team tennis and adult leagues.

As Mayor, I have always welcomed new and innovative suggestions and ideas. But I promise you I will never support commuter parking in the recreation complex and would strongly oppose any such move.

Linda H. Schwager, Oakland Mayor

2 thoughts on “LTE: Commuter Parking at the Rec Field? Mayor Schwager says No

  • Annie

    Agreed regarding Rec Field

    What about considering what Wyckoff does with a local church and possibly use OLPH (lower lot) or the Baptist Church on Franklin Avenue – both good access to highway (obviously not as good as downtown) but could prove to be a solution should Cooper Tree Landlord no longer allow the use of their lot.

  • Keith

    A good friend of mine came up with what I think is the ideal solution: overflow parking at the Ramapo Valley Baptist Church on Franklin Avenue. The bus stop is right there anyway so if they (the Church) would be interested in renting out some spots, it would seem to be a perfect place. Another option could be the lower parking lot at OLPH. Worth looking into.

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