Spring Back

What better time of the year for the TOJ to spring back online than spring; and, with warm weather in the air, clocks changing on March 13th, and Spring officially starting on March 20th — let’s talk Spring.

First, technically the grammatical rule is not to capitalizing the word Spring in a sentence – not exactly sure why, as we capitalize the days of the week, the months of the year — why not the seasons? It’s more poetic to capitalize it, makes it grander, makes it more yuge.

With Spring in the air, it’s a great time to think of Spring cleaning, the traditional cleaning of homes, garages and yards – and good time to do some metaphysical cleaning.

Have some troubles that have been stewing your mind over the Winter months? Throw them out — no one says you have to solve every single problem that life deals you — find some problems that have been festering, and throw them out. Make room for new thoughts, new feelings, new experiences.

Challenge yourself to discover something new about yourself, a new interest, a new hobby, a new friend, a new restaurant, new style, new recipes, new, new, new — renew yourself.

If you have trouble with discovering new — try looking at the old with new eyes. Discover the new in the old, observe more closely, look deeper, and find the new in the old. Spend a little more time “dwelling” where you dwell, take a few moments to reflect, meditate, appreciate, and just dwell for a few moments on a sunset, sunrise, budding trees, stars, moon and sun.

And get outdoors for the love of God, and for the love of life, and love of yourself. Take a walk, drinking in the sun, feel a soft rain, hear the whisper of the wind against your ears — it’s the whisper of Spring saying, it’s a wonderful world.

Visit the Great Oak Park facebook page, website or perhaps even venture over to the park itself!

Or take a hike in the Ramapo State Forest along one of the many marked trails NYNJTC_Maps-RamapoMtn

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