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Events in Oakland

February Special Events at the Library

February Special Events at the Oakland Public Library (Children’s Dept.) Original Library Building to Open with Exhibit “The Highlands of New Jersey- an Iron Age in Small Scale” an exhibit of Dan Yandrasevich’s historic models photographed by Nancy De Vries will open the original building on Thursday, February 1st. A […]

The Search for the Retro Man 2

Looking Back, Looking Forward A Shared Journey By Kevin Heffernan Part 1 The Search for the Retro Man A very close friend once suggested that I spend too much time in the past to which I lamely said, “Really.!?” That mixture of denial and confusion over the gentle remark was […]

Janesville: An American Story

Amy Goldstein. Janesville: An American Story. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2017. As Reviewed by Ted Odenwald Janesville, Wisconsin, population 63,000 was the home of the oldest working GM plant. For eight and a half decades, the plant had operated “like a mythy wizard, order[ing] the city’s rhythms.” But two […]

The Tower on Top of Skyline Drive 3

The Tower on Top of Skyline Drive By Kevin Heffernan On the top of Skyline Drive there is a massive stone tower which seemingly is lording over Oakland below as a sentinel of the valley. Everyone has seen it and many have strolled by it going to Ramapo Lake. However, […]

Being Mortal

Atul Gawande. Being Mortal. New York: Thorndike Press, 2014. As reviewed by Ted Odenwald Dr. Gawande’s study is both a challenge to the medical profession and an alert to patients and their families. He states that advances in medications and technology have “…turned the process of aging and dying into […]