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Roosevelt Blvd Park Coming Soon?

The borough has seen its share of destruction from hurricanes, storms, floods and broken dams, and now a mitigation effort long implemented in surrounding counties is coming to the shores of Oakland, NJ. Natural disasters over the past few years raised to the surface what many residents live with on […]

Top Ten in June

In case you missed them – Here are the top stories for the month of June.  This month had the highest number of visitors since the Journal began. Thank you so much for reading! We really appreciate it! Carnival 2014 June 7th 2014 – Possibly the Greatest Day in Oakland […]

Do the Right Thing

Known to all is the fact that people who are not 21 years old get together at parties, without parental supervision, and drink alcohol- and that’s a crime in the United States, and a handful of Muslim countries such as Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Oman, Pakistan where religious tradition frowns on alcohol […]

May 2014 – Top Stories

In case you missed them – here are the top 10 stories from May, 2014… Bi-County Letter Writing Ideas and Information Pilgrim Pipeline Community Meeting in Oakland The Crash of 2016: The Plot to Destroy America The Courthouse & Oakland Sheriff Hangs Prisoner Without Trial The Ponds Church SAO to […]

Open Letter to Dr. Coffaro and the BOE 1

It is the season of standardized testing in the Oakland elementary schools, so I wanted to take the opportunity to broach the subject of what role these tests play in the Oakland community. I understand that in many ways, Oakland has no choice but to participate in having students take […]