Fall Children’s Book Reviews

reuttyfall1Applesauce Season
By Eden Lipson

There’s nothing like fresh apples to signify fall! This book follows a family living in the city as they prepare applesauce throughout apple season. The plot describes the annual ritual in simple, easy to read text and contains captivating illustrations by Mordicai Gerstein which capture the emotions and colors of the season.
The story truly promotes family togetherness and shows how an activity such as cooking can bridge generations. The book’s final pages include an applesauce recipe which could act as a starting point for your own family traditions.

reuttyfall2Can You Say Peace?
By Karen Katz
This book celebrates September 21, the United Nation’s International Day of Peace. Katz presents eleven different nations, languages and children all wishing the reader peace in their own native language. The book presents each child in a scene representing one area of their country along with an accompanying page saying “peace”. The end of the book shows all the children on a map of the world as well as a pronunciation guide.
The mixed media collaged illustration give life to the children and celebrates the diversity in how our world looks. Katz’ book shows how all children want to live, play, and learn in peace. This book is a great way to introduce multiculturalism to young readers.

reuttyfall3Coach Hyatt is a Riot!
By Dan Gutman

New Jersey resident Dan Gutman delivers another touchdown book to the “My Weird School Daze” series. A new, female football coach, Coach Wyatt arrives at the school and uses her own zany ways to inspire the team including tackling drills with a singing Elvis dummy! Coach Wyatt unleashes a secret weapon in the big game which surprises everyone but will it be enough to win?

Dan Gutman has written over 80 children’s books both fiction and nonfiction, including the six books in the “My Weird School Daze” series. He covers several sports ranging from gymnastics to skateboarding and real life heroes from Mickey Mantle to Thomas Edison. He is a prolific, entertaining author for the whole family!

reuttyfall4Mystery Vine
By Cathryn Falwell

This book celebrates the other important crop of the season- pumpkins! Children will learn about the plant growth cycle as the story follows from seed to sprouts and blossoms to produce. Readers can follow the rhyming lines as the sister and brother tend to the garden and figure out what will come from the vine.

The book displays beautiful cut-paper collage artwork which adds warmth to the story. The last pages also feature several seasonal activities using pumpkins to really get in the mood of autumn.

reuttyfall5Leaf Trouble
By Jonathan Emmett
Does your child wonder why leaves fall at this time of year? So does a young squirrel named Pip in this tale. As the leaves change color and drop, Pip and his sister struggle to put the leaves back on the trees. Pip’s mother explains the changing of the seasons and puts Pip at ease.
The beautiful leaves set the perfect seasonal tone and the text is clear and inviting to readers. Emmett’s presents the changing of seasons in a way young readers can understand and makes this an excellent choice to share with your curious child.

Reviews contributed by Andrea Dochney, Oakland Public Library’s newest Library Assistant in the Children’s Room. She is an MLS candidate and will specialize in Youth Services in Public Libraries.