Spring Children’s Book Reviews

andreaeastereggThe Easter Egg

By: Jan Brett

Fans of Jan Brett’s other classics like “The Mitten”, will really enjoy her newest book.  Her illustrations are detailed, colorful and there’s always more to see in the images.  Brett mentions her fondness and fascination for rabbits which she demonstrates by using many different breeds for each rabbit in the story.  In Brett’s tale, Hoppi the bunny chooses to help a neighbor over trying to win an Easter egg contest for himself. Although he never finishes decorating, his generous efforts might just be enough to impress the Easter Bunny and win the contest.

andreamouseMouse and Mole Fine Feathered Friends

By: Wong Herbert Yee

This book is one more in the adventures of friends Mouse and Mole.  Written for beginning readers, “Fine Feathered Friends” tells the story of Mouse and Mole on a blustery spring day, trying to bird watch and create bird books.  Although their antics sometimes scare their birds, Mouse and Mole come up with a clever plan to get closer to the birds.  The story is a great tale of friendship and problem-solving with a spring theme.


By: Marie Torres Cimarusti

Sweet and colorful illustrations depict the different images of spring blooming.  The book contains oversized flaps which let children play “peek-a-bloom” which familiar spring characters like bunnies, ducklings and flowers.  Cimarusti has other similar titles such as “Peek-a-Zoo”, “Peek-a-Moo” and “Peek-a-Choo-Choo”.  Lift the flap books are a great way to engage children in reading and help foster an appreciation for books.

andreaawakeWho’s Awake in Springtime?

By: Phillis Gershator

An excellent spring-themed bedtime tale, “Who’s Awake in Springtime?” combines the popular children’s book theme of bedtime with animals.  As adult animals go to sleep, the story asks, “Who’s asleep?”  Through animals ranging from snoozing fish, sleeping ducks, and snoring bees, readers will follow and try to find the hidden boy in each scene.  Eventually the boy’s mother asks “Is anyone awake?” and the story follows all the baby animals into bed.  The repetitive text and playful pictures make this book a hit for any bedtime read.

Children’s book reviews are written by Andrea Dochney who works in the children’s section of the Oakland Public Library.