Help the man who has helped so many

Help The Man With The Golden Heart

johnfuggazieJohn Fugazzie, Founder and President of Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA, ( is a great man in need of some help himself, in fact, in need of a lot of help. The man with a heart of gold, had a heart attack in July 19, 2013.  He had a defibrillator placed in his chest which he refers to as his robotic heart.  John may have a defibrillator but he has a heart so big and so giving, it is far from what you would call a robotic heart. Since then he has incurred over $195,000.00 in medical expenses.  As of now, John has recovered nicely but he does admit the stress of all of the bills and bill collectors has been taking a toll on him. Ironically, the man who has helped so many “land” a job has been out of work for 19 mnths now.  This is why John desperately needs donations.  He can barely stay afloat without them.  Click here to read more and donate…

Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA, the organization which John founded has helped over 400 people in NJ and beyond find steady employment, including 10 right here in Oakland. The group meets every Thursday at 10:30am at the Oakland Public Library. If you are looking for a job please join in. Click here for more information.