Manito Spring Fair

manitofair1The Manito Elementary School had there annual Spring Fair on Saturday with a giant slide and moonwalk set up outside beckoning residents. The outdoor action was one of the main highlights for kids, but inside offered even more for adults and children alike. There was a smorgasbord of food that included chicken, salad and pizza, as well as hot dogs from Texas Wieners in Oakland. Plenty of sweets were also available in the forms of cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, and whole cakes that visitors could purchase and take home.

manitofair2The classrooms inside the school were transformed into a variety of specialty sites with face painting, games of chance, sand art, and a variety of arts & craft projects children could participate in. A 25 minute juggling show was also on the menu with the skilled performer also offering a few impromptu lessons.

Games of skill such as bowling, basketball, hockey shoot, and golf were offered along with games of chance. Residents could wander through the various offerings and also get a feel for what is going on inside the school.

manitofair3For many, it is an opportunity to see the learning environment of Manito, visit their child’s classroom, and get a feeling for the values, content, and resources at work in the school. Student art work was displayed in a variety of classrooms and hallways, as was original poetry. For many families, it was a perfect day to invite grandparents over to share in the fun and give a little peek into this world where kids spend so much time.

Below is a gallery of photos showing the many activities that took place.