Oakland Flag Day Ceremony

Oakland Flag Day CeremonyJune 14

may-june-2010-085The Flag Day Ceremony was hosted by the Elks Lodge 2167 in Veterans Park on Monday, June 14. Boy Scout Troop 49 was proudly represented by the following Scouts: (Left to Right)  Mark Tyler Walstead, Padraic Burns, Matt Folkerts, Alec Walstead, and were joined by Cub Scout Quinn Burns and Junior Girl Scout Nicole Folkerts.

During the ceremony, these scouts were given the honor of carrying different versions of our nation’s colors up to a special display stand near the podium as the speakers described the origin, design and history of each flag. Several veterans and adults commented on the fine job done by all the scouts and were quite pleased to see our town’s youth participating in this event. In attendance was a Scout’s  grandfather  who fought in World War II on Iwo Jima. It was an interesting and moving event in paying tribute to our nation’s symbol of liberty, as well as those who defended it. If you have the chance to do so in the future, it is highly recommended.

Jim Folkerts
Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 49