Safety Town

With Safety Town back in session, Judith Mader offers a good companion book.

Children’s Book to Complement Lessons Taught at Safety Town

Released March 19, 2009 by AuthorHouse, written by Judith Mader, this book is an introduction to some of the lessons taught in Safety Town Programs in communities throughout the country to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten aged children. The content, written in verse, covers the introduction of the police officer, crossing the street, traffic signals, seat belt safety, bicycle safety, the importance of learning name, address and phone numbers, stranger danger, the sheriff and littering, the ambulance, dangerous hiding places, finding someone safe to confide in, firemen and the stop, drop and roll rule and the strategic use of dialing “911? for emergency help. Pictures suitable to each topic enhance each safety lesson.

Here are some excerpt verses from the book:

I’m glad I came to Safety Town
And met Patrolman Smith.
I’d heard that Police are scary,
But now know that’s a myth.

He taught me lots I need to know
So when I go to school,
I’ll know just what’s exactly right,
That safety’s SMART and COOL!

I know my friend, Patrolman Smith
Has a funny sense of humor.
He made me laugh and also learn
SAFETY FIRST! And that’s no rumor!

I now know Oscar Traffic Light
His lights red, yellow, green.
Do you see just what I mean? Learn your name, address and phone
He earnestly would say.
So if you happen to get lost,
I’ll help you find your way.

It was then they told me
The number I must call
If it should just happen
I need help from one or all.

Dial “911” they said
Go to the nearest phone!
And we’ll come there to where you are
No matter what the zone!

Patrolman Smith, I PROMISE
To obey all of these laws
And you won’t give me tickets
Because you’ll have no cause!