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Dear Oakland Community, This month we will focus on the powerful word: CITIZENSHIP Citizenship is more than being a member of a community. It’s a powerful word that reflects how we behave towards our community as well as how we respond to it when it’s in need. Whether we are […]

LTE: Are we better off now than four years ago?

Are we better off now than four years ago? With another election upon us, I think elected officials and their constituents, are best served by considering the official’s entire body of work and not just a singular issue. In considering whom to cast their vote for the Mayor of Oakland, […]

LTE: Commuter Parking 2

It seems that our commuter parking problem has become a political issue between Schwager and Pignatelli. It shouldn’t be. It should be a borough problem solved by our entire borough council but until they can come up with a solution I will offer mine. Offer commuter parking, at a nominal […]

History Lives in Oakland

History Lives in Oakland by Marisol Kozlovski “Hendrick van Allen was a farmer and settled here over 250 years ago. He married a lady by the name of Elizabeth and together they had 6 children…. What famous person marched through this area about 230 years ago? Yes, George Washington…. And […]

The Powerful Word: DISCIPLINE

This month, Rising Phoenix will focus on the Powerful Word: DISCIPLINE. Discipline is crucial to helping children and adults thrive and become their best. Disciplined people train themselves to follow values-based rules that are enforced by themselves in a consistent manner. Whether these self-imposed rules are related to exercise, work, […]