The Case Against Trump: A Five Part Series 1

The Case Against Trump: A Five Part Series
By Ryan Schwertfeger

Things change fast. It seems not very long ago that 17 candidates announced that they were running for the Republican nomination for President. We now find ourselves with a presumptive nominee who is likely to be the most boisterous, unique, unforeseen and unpredictable candidate in decades.

Speaking as a conservative Christian, I can say that I do not expect to cast a ballot for Donald Trump, nor under any circumstances whatsoever will I vote for Hillary Clinton. I vote based not on who party leaders recommend, but based on my principles and values. For a conservative like me to say I’d rather vote for a liberal or moderate Republican like John McCain or Mitt Romney than Trump may be surprising, but you’ll soon read why.

I intend to explain, in a series of articles, why I, a Republican, will not be going to vote for Donald Trump, my party’s presumptive nominee. I will not spend too much time addressing the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, not only because I disagree with her on a laundry list of policy issues, but because her actions, behavior, and downright lies and flip-flops on issues should scare anyone who wants someone to lead the country with a consistent, honest, and trustworthy hand.

I hope you come back here to The Oakland Journal as the weeks pass by to read the next part of this five-part essay series, which will culminate in a final statement of what I intend to do with my vote in November.

I expect that my essays will generate some responses, but I do not intend to engage with those comments. Both sides have shown to have very fervent supporters and detractors. Although I consider myself part of the #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary crowd, I am not going to stoop to the lows that both candidates, and some of their supporters and haters have shown this cycle. To avoid that risk, I will stick to articulating my own positions and opinions and not become involved in back-and-forth exchanges with people of other views.

Now that I have laid out my premise, I hope you will return next week to read part one of “The Case against Trump.” To put it in Trumpian terms, “It’s going to be huge.”


Disclaimer: The views, opinions, positions or strategies expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of The Oakland Journal.


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  • Keith Ahearn

    Looking forward to reading the rest of this series. I think a strong case can be made against both candidates. How sad that this is the best America can offer.

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