Monthly Archives: July 2009

Oakland Pure Fun

The annual carnival in Oakland is the best in New Jersey, if not the nation, or even the world for that matter. It’s the best for lots of reasons, but mostly because it is held in Oakland. The Public Events Committee brought it all together once again to provide residents […]

NJ Taxes

A 2007 poll found 49% of New Jersey residents wanted to leave the state. Two years later, how many more entertain that option?

All American Commander 1

VFW District 2 Commander Achieves All American Status On July 15, 2009, The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States announced that Walter S. Vreeland had achieved All American Status as Commander of District 2 (Bergen County) in the VFW Department of New Jersey. According to National VFW Commander […]

The Art of Gardening

Perhaps our exodus from the Garden of Eden instilled a genetic disposition in the human heart for the appreciation of gardens. Gardens, and the art of gardening, stretch back that far.Today, the gardener stands alongside royalty, philosophers, and kindred spirits who, throughout history, cling to our humanity as civilization changes, […]