Monthly Archives: December 2009

Teen Book Reviews

Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks Cadel Piggott is a genius. Really. At age seven he was brought to see a psychologist because he kept getting in trouble as a result of his manipulation of computer and security equipment. By his thirteenth birthday, he was in his 11th year of school […]

Kooky Cookies

Kooky Cookies By Veronica MacDonald Ditko An Accidental Anthropologist The Holidays have passed but there is still one food that keeps on hanging around if you’re lucky – cookies. Or maybe the cookies are now hanging on your hips (admit it – isn’t that your new year’s resolution!?). Either way, […]

Karl Blunck’s Van Allen House

Here is Oakland, NJ artist, Karl Blunck’s Van Allan House in Spring, Karl has painted the Van Allen House in every season, but this version is his favorite so far. Over the years he has had much luck selling his paintings of VAH because many people move away and take […]

Christmas Music, Poems & Grammar

The spirit of Christmas stretches beyond religious borders, and at the end of the day drapes itself in hopes of peace and goodwill. It is certainly a season designed for children, the celebration of a man when he was a child’s contemporary, a small babe reliant on the kindness of […]

What is a Bully?

This month the New Jersey Commission on Bullying in Schools released a 66-page report on how to further reduce bullying in schools. The report estimates that implementation of their 22 recommendations would cost $1,500,000. Approximately $900,000 would go to the establishment, staffing and supplying of three TAC (Technical Assistance Centers) […]