Teen Book Reviews

October 2013 Teen Book Reviews

The Program Suzanne Young Teenage suicide has become an international epidemic, ending in the death of one out of every three teens in the United States, and as a result a few larger cities have been trying out a new solution to end the killing. Even London is moving towards […]

September 2013 Teen Book Reviews

The Silence of Murder Dandi Daley Mackall In small-town Grain, Ohio the murder of high school baseball coach, John Johnson, is very big news. And the only suspect is Hope Long’s brother, 19-year-old Jeremy. Jeremy’s lawyer thinks that their only defense is a “Guilty by Insanity” plea, but Hope is […]

August 2013 Teen Book Reviews

Wither Lauren DeStefano Sixteen-year-old Rhine knows that she only has four more years left to her life. What was once thought of as the miracle of modern science took a dangerous turn with new generations, and now males only live to age 25, and females to age 20, no exceptions. […]

July 2013 Teen Book Reviews

Every Day David Levithan For as far back as memory goes, A has woken up as a different person every single morning. A does not become a different person on the inside, but inhabits a different body each day and must live according to that person’s life. By accessing memories, […]

Teen Book Reviews – June 2013

The Blood Lie Shirley Reva Vernick On September 22, 1928 in Massena, New York, the Jewish Community is eagerly preparing for and anticipating the solemn holy day of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. It’s also Jack Pool’s sixteenth birthday and he’s got his eyes on a driver’s license and […]

May 2013 Teen Book Reviews

Sharks and Boys Kristen Tracy Enid THINKS she has problems. Her parents are in counseling because her father is a cheater, and Enid is having a lot of trouble forgiving him his indiscretions. She and her brother don’t have nearly the kind of close connection as the others in their […]