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Oakland Live!

Live broadcasts in Oakland are normally limited to town council meetings broadcast live on cable channels 45 and 77; but, with the launch of Facebook Live Streaming this spring a new platform for community engagement is starting to build out. Facebook Live Streaming is one iteration of a technology that […]

What Makes a Man

I prefer bathroom humor over bathroom politics, but with the steady stream of news reports concerning transgender folk, bathroom laws, and protests – the concept of what “transgender” actually means became a question I asked myself. Having spent a large portion of life after college living in New York City, […]

Hair All About It!

Hair, because it frames the face, has and always will be a prominent factor in how we express ourselves. We are in control of our hair – or we can be – and it is something that can be cut, colored, curled, and changed pretty much at will. Hair is […]

Lessons Learned from Villanova’s Buzzer Beater 1

Lessons Learned from Villanova’s Buzzer Beater You don’t have to be an athlete to learn the lessons Villanova had just lost a 9-point lead in the Championship game; a game that most basketball players spend their lives dreaming about. With a few seconds left the Villanova coach called time-out and […]