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“Once There Was Indians All Over This Place” 2

“Once There Was Indians All Over This Place” By Kevin Heffernan That wonderful and memorable quote is directly from a sign that was once proudly displayed from the flag pole for generations in Bush Plaza. The quote and depiction of an Indian of an unknown origin form a tearful lament, […]

LTE – Looking Closer at the Commuter Parking Issue

Now that the elections are over, one of the most recent election day issues can and should be addressed without politics getting in the way. The issue of commuter parking – or lack thereof – in the Copper Tree Mall. Suggestions have been floated on alternative parking for commuters in […]

Mayor Schwager Gives Thanks

Oakland, Thank You for your support. I promise you I will work as hard these next four years as I did the previous four. Congratulations to Councilman Chris Visconti and Councilman-elect John Biale for their victories this evening. I look forward to working with both of them as well as […]