Odds & Ends

Job Opening

Large manufacturing firm seeking a customer relations specialist. Good pay, benefits room to advance in a growing industry. Firm has six locations in Tri-State area, current position in North Jersey. Please send e-mail with resumè (jobs@marble.com)

Thunder and Lightning Scare Me!

As the sky gets dark we feel the ten first drops of rain hit our feet. The birds can sense the rain as they circle around as if the world came to an end. Thunder crackled as it started to pour atop our shoulders and we burst inside with horrible […]

Life’s Not Fair 1

Generation upon generation passes down certain values, and one value consistently taught, encouraged and hailed is that of fairness.

We teach our children to be fair – even though life itself is not fair.

iCiviCs for Kids

Started by former Supreme Court Justice Sandra O’Connor, iCivics.org provides grammar and middle school children to have fun playing games, and learn about our rights as citizens – and our responsibilities.