Flexible School Schedules Give Barnstable Academy Students a Career Jump-start 1

Flexible School Schedules Give Barnstable Academy Students a Career Jump-start
How high school students at Barnstable Academy benefit from a flexible academic day.

barnstablelogoBOakland, NJ, April 2016 – Barnstable Academy high school senior David Zaslavsky from Mahwah, New Jersey recently graduated from Bergen County’s Emergency Services Training as an Emergency Technician. Through Hackensack UMC Emergency Medical Educational Services, Zaslavsky also became certified as a Healthcare Provider, trained in CPR, AED, EpiPen, and Narcan Training.

Barnstable Academy’s flexible schedule, relationship based program, and college/career readiness activities such as the internship program allow students to begin pursuing career goals while still in high school. “I have been working with David for the past four years and have heard him say over and over again that he is passionate about giving back to his country and becoming a doctor or medic for our service men and women,” explained Lizanne M. Coyne, a senior administrator at Barnstable Academy. “David has always been motivated, so I encouraged him to become an EMT and start giving back now,” added Coyne.

Zaslavsky did just that. While still maintaining high honors at Barnstable, playing on both the soccer and basketball teams, Zaslavsky completed the coursework and training required to become a Jr. EMT. In addition to his regular school work, Zaslavsky attended EMT training classes for six hours a week and completed 10 hours of hospital training. On February 2nd, Zaslavsky participated in the Emergency Medical Service Graduation Ceremony. He will be taking the New Jersey State exam within the next two weeks. Zaslavsky is headed off to either Quinnipiac University, Marist College, or Ramapo College next year to continue his studies in Biology.

Supporting students to pursue their dreams and career objectives isn’t something new for Barnstable. Throughout its 37-year history, the school has prioritized an individual approach to education, tailoring academic programs and offering flexible schedules where needed so that students can pursue outside passions. Many students have benefited from this approach, pursuing musical, athletic, and acting careers while working toward their high school diploma.

As Zaslavsky explains, “I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in medicine and I’m very grateful to Ms. Coyne at Barnstable for encouraging me to follow my dreams.”

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  • Beth Schachtel

    Congrats to David; he is well on his way to achieving his career aspirations. BA is a great school! My son, Jeff, a 2007 graduate, recently declared that he hopes his son will attend Barnstable when he is ready for HS.

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