Bank Pens 2

By Ryan Robinson
Oakland NJThere are 5 groups of people in this world that can be categorized by how and what they do when they leave a bank. I know right now this seems completely stupid about why someone would write an article called “Bank Pens” and the first sentence doesn’t help at all, but just keep reading 🙂 .

As I said, there are 5 groups of people in the world that can be categorized y how and what they do when they leave a bank. I know this because I’ve seen it. I know which group people fit in by just watching the door. Here are the 5 groups.

Group 1: You just go to the bank to do what you have to do; make a deposit, take money out, use the coin counter, etc. On your way out, you completely ignore everyone and just walk out to move on with the rest of the day

Group 2: You do exactly like group one but on your way out, you see the cup of bank pens just sitting there on your way out. You see it, but don’t even make a move toward it.

Group 3: Same as group two but on your way out, you reach over and take just ONE pen. Then, you hustle out of the bank.

Group 4: Same as group 3, but you take a small handful of pens on your way out.

Last but not least, group 5.

Group 5: Same as group 4, but you take one big handful of pens when you walk out and then when you see another cup of pens you take a few more.

After I have told you all of this, I bet now you think I’m nuts. I bet somewhere in the back of your mind, you are thinking, “Who has the time to pay attention to those things?”, “Why would anyone care how many pens you take?” “Why am I even reading this article about groups of people and bank pens?” But here’s why I wrote this. You see, in every single one of those groups, the people that fit in them have pretty different characteristics. Group 1 people just want to do what they have to do and scram. Leave. Get out. Do something else. Group 2 people just want to get out but have the little bit of time to notice things but in the end; they just don’t have the courage or effort to do it. Group 3 originally wants to just get out, but sees the opportunity, which is the free pens, and then reaches over and then just takes one. Group 4 is like everyone else but they say, “Hey! Look free pens! I’ll take a few” and they have the determination to reach over and grab a few pens on their way out. Then, the last group, group 5 sees the pens just in that cup and reaches over and grabs a whole bunch like the pens are calling to them, “Take me!”

So, maybe now, this is making more sense, but I’m not done! So, what have we learned besides there are 5 groups, groups that have different characteristic and still the weird topic of Bank Pens. Well, the pens in this story represent an opportunity. To some people like groups one and two, they either see the opportunity or they don’t and just pass it right up. Really, come on who DOESN’T WANT A FREE PEN? But any way, they don’t take it. Group 3 sees the opportunity but just decide to take one. Maybe they are wondering if it is right to reach over and take JUST ONE or two or three but they really want that pen so they take just one. Group 4 is only one group up from group 3 but it makes a huge difference. Group 4 people just really don’t care about what anyone says and just says, “OOO, pens!” and just takes a bunch walking out saying, “Hey, I got some free nice pens!” Group 5 people are somewhat similar to group 4 but they go to the extreme. They say “OOO, lots of pens!” and instead of taking just one, two, three, a handful, they take 2 handfuls and walk out the door.

So, the points are, yes. There are different people in the world. Yes, there are different people but yet somehow everyone can fit in a group and be similar. But then in order to really understand the purpose, you can’t just look at this article and put people into groups, but really look at just one person. Maybe what group you fit in. Be honest with yourself. Am I shy to take just one? Do I not care and just pass it right up? Do I look at it and just take a lot? Or are you someone in-between? Once you have done that, then let me take this one final step further.

Image the pens as a dream. Maybe it’s getting a new job. Maybe, it’s getting that dog you wanted at the pound. Maybe, your not sure if you should buy the regular Oreos or the Double Stuff type. But now that I put it that way, let’s say instead of pens, that pen represents a future job. Do you pass the opportunity right up? Do you look and see it but not go after it? Do you approach the opportunity and are a little frightened, not sure of yourself? Do you feel excited and maybe go see about this job but are still not sure about it? Do you say to yourself, “That’s my future job and I’m going to go get it,” and without really thinking just does it?

I bet almost every single one of you reading this has an idea of how the economy is. You know it has gone up and down, banks have closed and merged, you may even have lost your job. But, now think about this. Do you reach for a goal or a dream like Group 5 just saying, “It’s mine!” or are you like Group 1 and just let it go by maybe not even noticing it, or are you in the middle?

So, now when you go to the bank, are you going the let the free pen jar pass you by, are you going to grab just one, or grab a bunch. Well, there are 5 groups of people in this world that can be categorized by how and what they do when they leave a bank.

Please take the poll below, and Ryan Robinson will be reporting back as to what local banks think about Bank Pens.

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Ryan contacted local banks to get there opinion on the subject, and below are there responses.

“We are thrilled when people take the pens. It is part of who we are and another convenience we offer our customers. We give out 21 million pens a years and even hand them out our selves to our customers. It is all part of TD Bank being America’s Most Convenient Bank. Thanks!”
TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank

“Thank you for contacting us, if they are attached to a holder by a chain
it is kind of funny when they take them but we now leave pens with our name
& logo out in many branches so we are happy when they take them.”
Valley National Bank

2 thoughts on “Bank Pens

  • Kelly Clark

    Free pens as opportunities and dreams? Funny…I just see extra pens as “clutter” and people in category 5 as Greedy!

  • chris

    Category 6: you constently go back to the pen cup when no one is looking until your pocket is full.

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