Are American Schools Flailing? 1

American schools are flailing – that is not a typo. The educational industry in America, and many elected officials, are flailing their arms crying how America’s educational system is failing. These cries of woe have led to new implementations such as the Common Core Standards; more frequent standardized testing being […]

A Morning Walk in History

One of the benefits of the Internet is to be able to enjoy an early morning walk through history. This morning’s walk started in Oakland, NJ, and eventually covers the entire globe.

Oh Mon Dieu!

At the risk of losing all of our readers in Cleveland, Ohio, The Oakland Journal is issuing a travel advisory on  Cleveland . This is do to the arrest of 5 individuals plotting to blow up a  Cleveland bridge. Yes, they have been arrested, but other figures in the conspiracy may still […]

Our First Cruise

Our First Cruise: On the Largest Ship in the World! By: Ryan Robinson All of us in the “Robinson” family had never gone on a cruise before but the ALLURE of sailing and going to an OASIS really interested us. So, thanks to our family travel agent Carol (you can […]

Hiking Mohonk….

Hiking Mohonk…. By Jim DeLillo Start by driving up the NY thruway to Exit 18 – New Paltz, stop for breakfast in this quaint college town, pack a picnic lunch and head up to the Mohonk Preserve. You can’t miss it…aim for the tower set atop the alabaster cliffs of […]

Coronado & Chiricahua

Coronado National Forest Chiricahua National Monument, Willcox, AZ By Jim DeLillo Red dust kicked up behind my wheels as I hugged the inner curve of the dirt road. Through the passenger-side window on my right, I could just make out the 1500-foot drop to the gorge below. I was glad […]