Oakland, Flood Videos Updated 8

UPDATE: Additional videos below were published by Oakland residents Joe Gallup and Bryan Lima. ( click here for still images of hurricane damage )

The first video, published by Joe Gallup records a water rescue of an Oakland resident by first responders from Oakland and Mahwah.

Below are a collection of  Oakland videos recording the destruction wrought by Hurricane Irene. Each captures and reflects a different experience.

The first video is a video montage with music added to the background, beginning with In the Half-Light of the Canyon. This is the soundtrack from the movie, A River Runs Through it.  While often interpreted in the movie as reflecting the timeless and peaceful wonder of nature, imposed here it speaks to those unseen, those driven from their homes, and the nature of human beings.

The second video offers a unique experience of a man canoeing through the flooded streets of Oakland. Beginning with a birds eye view of the canoe floating next to a house, the tip of the canoe leads us through a neighborhood void of people and consumed by the river. Empty homes, flooded streets, and a lone canoe surveying the damage.

The third video is relatively short. The images show significant damage to Oakland homes, but it is the audio that captures the imagination. The short exchange of words, ending abruptly, capture a moment experienced by many Oakland families. A question, a pause, and a brief answer that  lingers long after the video has ended.

The fourth video is a montage of different parts of Oakland flooded during the Irene Hurricane. It has clips of areas impacted all over town.

First Video – Music

Second Video – Canoe

Third Video – Conversation

Fourth Video – Ramapo Reserve

8 thoughts on “Oakland, Flood Videos Updated

  • Leo McGuire

    Outstanding videos. I believe the flooding in the Lenape/Roosevelt area may have been worse than for Tropical Storm Floyd in 99. But thanks to Oakland’s emergency services and help from Mutual Aid from Mahwah and Oradell (the ones I saw assisting the rescues on Roosevelt and Lakeshore) no significant injuries or issues occurred to my knowledge. Our FD and OEM did a spectacular job, although a localized reverse 9-11 probably should have been given for the gas line break and when Lenape Bridge washed out. Our police chief, Ed Kasper was on the ground providing support and leadership- I had the opportunity to converse with him, a comforting voice during another difficult time for Oakland residents.
    It is time for Oakland to work in earnest to recover. Our greatest resource is our community spirit and we will once again assist those who need our a helping hand.
    Excellent reporting.

  • James P Kearns

    Moving to Oakland in 71 from the city was a dream come true. My loving Mother worked for the Oakland Police Dept. for 19 yrs as a crossing guard at the coner of Pawnee and RT 202,which we lived on, across the street from amazing neighbors The Walker Family,The Kern Family as well as The Rodman’s. Here in the Catskills I miss Oakland…And even if it’s sad , Thank You for these post keeping us all apart of a town that means so much to many. Last note…It’s almost haunting to see the last video ending at a time of 337….

  • Gina Steele

    Just wanted to say Thank you to all the Oakland Residents who volunteered to help all the flood victims (my family included) and have gone door to door with food and offering to help with clean up etc.

    And especially to the local business, such as Tony Brothers who send pizza’s to my family and the entire block at River Road, Kevin at Timber’s for supplying area to park and offering his personal help – Doug and Trish Gornall – owner’s of Ramapo Valley Pool for their help and support with clean up of surrounding area – providing food etc. and their general support at this very difficult time.

    The help provided has really helped me and my family keep our spirits up – Thank you again Oakland!

  • Alisa Weisse

    Actually, the last clip of the 4th video is of the stream at the beginning of the trail to Ramapo Lake in Ramapo Mountain State Forest. The stream is usually very small and easily crossed. It then continues under Skyline Drive.

    Thanks Alisa! We have corrected this in the article.

  • Ray Carroll

    I was proud to be a part of that day in Oakland NJ. Sadly it was only the begining for the folks. We still have piles of garbage lining our streets with no end in sight. Please help us get it removed before illness’s start. If left much longer these piles will become killers. We need help today…NOW!!!!

  • Christine Amato

    Having grown up in this humble little town of Oakland, it is heartbreaking to see this devastation. Although I moved out West 27 years ago, my heart is still with this wonderful place. I have such great memories from my childhood growing up there. It is just overhwhelming to see the extent of the damage. I hope that the residents and businesses are getting all of the support that they need. I just wish that I was closer so that I could provide some support. Thank you for sharing these videos.

  • Bill Fischer

    after growing up in Oakland from 1952-1972, I thought only Pleasureland area flooded. I stand corrected now. After living in Florida for the last 40 years, I do miss the season changes of North Jersey

  • Paul Preston

    The videos are amazing. It brings back so many memories of growing up in Oakland. I lived in Pleasure Land most of my childhood and i can remember the National Guard being called in to evacuate us some time around the mid to late 80’s. The town and the people who lived there will always be in my heart. I can’t wait to bring my kids back to the old neighborhood.

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