Daily Archives: August 29, 2011

Help During Power Outages @ the Library

Many Oakland residents continue without power.  If you know anyone in this unfortunate situation please share some ways the library might be helpful during this time. People are welcome to charge their cell phones, laptops or other personal electronics.  We put in extra power strips downstairs to make it easier. […]

Ramapo Oil Spill -UPDATED 3

UPDATE: “I’m very sure there’s no problems now,” said Mayor John DaPuzzo, referring to Mahwah’s drinking water supply. “The product is lighter than water, so it stays on the surface.” Oakland announced through a reverse 911 call that there are no signs that the water supply has been compromised, and tests to monitor the situation will be ongoing.

Oakland, Flood Videos Updated 8

UPDATE: Additional videos below were published by Oakland residents Joe Gallup and Bryan Lima. ( click here for still images of hurricane damage ) The first video, published by Joe Gallup records a water rescue of an Oakland resident by first responders from Oakland and Mahwah. ORIGINAL POST: Below are […]